My Leaky Gut

I’ve mentioned Leaky Gut several times now. It’s also called intestinal permeability. What causes it? Put simply, the things we put in our mouth. Our gut lining is supposed to be a protective layer against such things as undigested food particles, toxic waste products and bacteria inside the digestive tract. When that lining is damaged it allows these things to pass through the intestinal wall, into our bloodstream and throughout our bodies, wreaking havoc along the way.

Some common signs: food intolerance, irritable bowel disorder, migraines, auto-immune disorders, joint and muscle pain, mood disorders, even skin disorders. And once again, I have suffered from all of these and more.

When I first began my research project, I was basically bed-ridden. My husband and daughters became my full-time caregivers.

My life felt like I was on a non-stop roller coaster. Most times I could do somethings for myself, but needed help with others. And there were times I was at the top of the track, when I was asymptomatic, completely independent. But then there were also the times had to have help bathing, getting dressed, moving from room to room, even eating.

Going out, whether to the store, a restaurant, worship, or just visiting family was always touchy. I was already in a wheelchair and that drew attention, but my tics and tremors really got me noticed. And when my seizures would kick in… Let’s just say I didn’t get out much. I was very self-conscious.

And from the best I can figure, this can all be traced back to my leaky gut. Eating and taking all the wrong things throughout my life, caused body-wide damage. Is it irreparable? I don’t know. But I do the best I can to not repeat any of my previous mistakes. And then eat in such a way that helps to heal all that can be healed.

What about the MTHFR? Well the two conditions are connected. The MTHFR is like being predisposed to a condition and the leaky gut is what set the wheels in motion.

As far as the straw that broke the camels back, what actually started me on this disabling roller coaster? I have no idea. I asked myself that many times. Was it a particularly bad flu or other virus I had? Could be. But looking back doesn’t fix anything. Its being proactive, doing the research, and changing our approach to life that makes a difference.

I hope that reading about my journey gives you readers the courage to start your own recovery, even if its only a partial recovery. Our life is in our hands, and its the only one we’re going to get. So do the best you can, and enjoy what you do with it.



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