My Pain Reliever

Another important non-food source to consider carefully is pain medication. I, like most women, have taken Ibuprofen, Aleve, or some other NSAID for just about every pain for most of my life; from my monthly cycle to my East Texas sinus headaches to my aching back; along with a host of other over the counter products that are supposed to relieve my pain.

The problem? Well as my study of “Leaky Gut” continued I found that these too are toxic to the human body. These many “helpful” products affect and/or interfere with the methylation cycle. So while NSAIDs may relieve pain temporarily, they worsen the underlying problems and cause more in the process. And then for those like me that don’t detox properly, they store up in the body adding to the toxic levels we’re already sick from. And thus they actually add to the pain.

Now I have read that Tylenol is an acceptable pain reliever, but it must be taken sparingly if your body is going to be healthy. But just as each of us has different mutations and different battles, each must make their own decision of what to take and if they are willing to take it.

For me, if it’s a mild to moderate pain, I just endure it. For my sinus headache, Tylenol taken with an herbal product called HAS will usually kick it. But when its the migraine that comes with one of my attacks, nothing helps; so I just go to bed and try to sleep through it.

Due to my research and the seriousness of my illness, I don’t take any prescription medication. I have decided to never intentionally toxify my body again due to pain. It’s not easy, but its doable, most of the time.

(The HAS mentioned above is a Natures Sunshine product for hay fever, allergy, and sinus.)