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So as I mentioned before, the early days of my illness were quite strange and confusing. For years I had suffered from the occasional attacks of chronic fatigue. I figured it was something I had inherited from my mother, because she had suffered from it for many years. Then one day, my sandwiches began to irritate my stomach. I thought it was a bug or something. But it didn’t go away. It got worse. It was mostly breads and then milk. But as my mother pointed out, I had always drank milk and it had never affected me before, so I ignored it. Or I should say I tried to ignore it.

About the same time, my aunt was introduced to Tasca Reno’s Eat Clean Diet. It sounded good. And it wasn’t truly “dieting”, it was a whole foods healthy eating lifestyle. That sounded like the diet for me. Well for a while, it helped. I cut out most junk food, was eating mostly whole foods, and was losing weight. But I was still including whole wheat bread and skim milk because they are considered healthy foods.

When I finally had enough of the stomach pain, I gave up my beloved bread and milk, but the hardest to give up… the cheese. I love cheese. But the enzymes in all dairy products is what had been causing so many of my issues; not necessarily the lactose, but the casein. Now things were beginning to get better.

I was still in the early days of my new lifestyle diet, so as most of us do, I tried different suggestions.

Eat fermented foods: sauerkraut, yogurt, kefir, kombucha, pickles. Well believe it or not, I was born with a sugar intolerance. (Yes that means all sugars, natural and artificial. I’ve heard every suggestion. But I’ve been this way my whole life, so I’m fine.) Well I tried the unsweetened yogurt and kefir, but that tastes just like buttermilk. Yuck. The kombucha produces a sugar during process, so that was out. I was left with sauerkraut and pickles. I tried to make a good go of it, but a person can only take so much of sour foods. So I gave that up.

I tried an Indian herbal treatment that included teas, curry, and detox remedies. I really don’t know how much I benefited physically, but it put me on to thinking about what detoxing really does. It is supposed to remove toxins from all parts of the body, starting with the gut. But more importantly, thanks to this Indian doctor and her story of disabling migraines, I learned that almost all illness and disease starts in the gut. Now I was onto something.

So as I studied this “Leaky Gut” I found that sure enough, everything we put in our mouth will affect us in one way or another, positive or negative. And a large number of Americans are effected by Leaky Gut due to the Standard American Diet or SAD diet. (I know it’s a little redundant.) The majority of foods we eat have been processed and changed to make them more tasty. Read the ingredients label. How many of the ingredients do you recognize? How many of those ingredients are actually “food” and how many are actually chemicals produced in a lab designed to taste like food? Something to think about, huh?

On top of that, I learned about GMOs (genetically modified organisms). Some companies change the DNA of certain foods in their seed, grow it, and feed it to us. There is a lot of study on how GMO foods are making people sick.

I also learned more about preservatives. These are supposed to lengthen the shelf life of our foods. The problem? Nitrates, nitrites, sulfites, sodium benzoates, and MSG are found in many of our processed foods and are known to cause a host of health issues. When we eat these preservatives, we are eating toxins that were never meant to be food.

One day, I walked into a certain nutrition shop and saw a hamburger and fries from a local fast food eating establishment that had been sitting there for over a year. The point? As I said earlier, science has learned how to make foods more tasty, but the trade-off is they are also more toxic. So now the question for me when I’m out and about is: how hungry am I? I think I’ll wait till I get home.

So how do you fix Leaky Gut? You literally transform the way you eat, for the rest of your life. Thus it becomes a lifestyle diet. It is a green, clean, and whole foods diet, free of all processed food, as well as so-called food items such as the preservatives mentioned above.

Yes it can be difficult and costly to make your kitchen over to suit this new lifestyle change, but not near as costly as the doctor’s appointments so many of us pay for that send us home with a list of even more costly prescriptions that only postpone the inevitable.

So it’s worth all the effort we put in to lengthen and strengthen our lives, but in a natural and safe way. And once the adjustment is made, new recipes are learned, it too can be quite tasty. I wish I had learned it many years ago.

What about you? Are you tired of yo-yo dieting? Do you read ingredient labels only to scratch your head? Or do you avoid those labels because they are way too confusing? Are you ready for a diet that really works?

Make the whole foods diet choice for yourself. It’s a choice you’ll never regret.


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I am a 48 year old woman, going through the middle age crises we all go through. I have been married for 23 years, not always happily, but it gets better with time. And I am a mother of twin girls that have their own disorders to battle. Next to my relationship with my all-loving creator, my family is my world. Their strength is what got me to the point I am now.